Fried Soft Noodles

Thin Egg Noodles *with exception of Singapore Fried Noodles & Shanghai Noodles
Chinese Noodles with Sauce
Pan Fried Egg Noodles with Sauce

Sautéed Chicken on Noodles
Chicken sauteed with thin Egg Noodles

Sautéed Beef on Noodles
Beef sauteed with thin Egg Noodles

Mixed Meats on Noodles
BBQ Pork, Chicken & Beef sauteed with thin Egg Noodles

Tai Dop Voy (no noodles)$14.95

Cantonese Chow Mein
Sauteed Chicken, Beef, BBQ Pork & Shrimp on thin Egg Noodle Bedding

Singapore Fried Noodles (with Rice Noodles)
Chicken, BBQ Pork, Shrimp, Carrot, Celery & Egg sauteed with Rice Noodles

Shanghai Noodles (with Thick Noodles)
Chicken, BB Pork & Shrimp sauteed with Thick Noodles

Fried Noodles
pan fried Egg Noddles with Bean Sprouts & Carrot

Peanuts Vegetarian Chef's Recommendation Spicy