Soup & Appetizers

Egg Rolls$1.95

Spring Roll$1.95

Consomme Soup$3.35 sm
$4.55 lg

Chicken Noodle Soup$5.15 sm
$6.85 lg

Chicken Rice Soup$5.15 sm
$6.85 lg

Egg Drop Soup$5.15 sm
$6.85 lg

Wonton Soup$5.35 sm
$7.25 lg

Hot & Sour Soup$5.35 sm
$7.25 lg

Wonton Chips
no meat, with S/S Sauce

Chicken Wings (1/s lbs)$7.85 (1/2 lbs)

Sweet & Sour Wontons$6.85 (8pcs, with meat)

Peanuts Vegetarian Chef's Recommendation Spicy